Propellers '84 Scheduled For May 15-16 At Cavalier Hotel In Virginia Beach

The fourth in a series of international symposia on ship propellers that have been attracting wide attention in the marine engineering community for the past decade will be presented on May 15-16 at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Va.

Titled Propellers '84, the meeting is being organized by the Technical and Research Program of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the Hampton Roads Section. A total of 21 papers on various aspects of marine propellers and related propulsion components are scheduled for delivery at the symposium, the authors representing a cross section of expertise from Europe and America.

Propellers '84 will be broader in scope than Propellers '75, '78, and '81 Symposia, and is intended to: • Make the nature and extent of the multi-disciplinary information gaps regarding propellers' strength clear to the marine community; • Provide the most up-to-date information available; • Provide an opportunity for the freest possible exchange of views on propeller strength and performance considerations that have not been firmly established; • Encourage the vitally needed research efforts to provide safe, long-lasting propellers having the very highest efficiencies; and • Obtain ship operator service experience input.

Chester L. Long, chairman of the Ships' Machinery Committee of SNAME, is general chairman of Propellers '84, and Andrew A. Szypula is chairman of the Technical Committee, which is made up of the members of Panel M-16 (Modernization of Propulsion Shaft Systems) of the Technical and Research Program of the Society.

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