Guralnick Associates Awarded Design Contract By MSC-Pacific

Morris Guralnick Associates, Inc. (MGA) has just been awarded a level-of-effort design contract by the Military Sealift Command, Pacific (MSCPAC), under which the San Francisco firm of naval architects and marine engineers will be called on to assist in design and engineering work associated with MSCPAC operations during the coming year.

In making the announcement of the new contract award, Hugh F. Munroe, president and chief executive officer of MGA, said: "In the past, occasional design tasks were issued by MSCPAC to design contractors only when an urgent need arose, and we have at times been engaged by MSCPAC to supplement its ship design design staff. Recently, however, conditions have developed in which more formal and continuing assistance is required by MSCPAC, resulting in solicitation and award of the type of contract just awarded to our firm. Under this contract, we will provide on-demand services to MSCPAC throughout the year." The Military Sealift Command, Pacific, headquartered in Oakland, Calif., is the shipping arm of the Department of Defense, operating many classes of ships, including dry and bulk cargo types. In addition, MSCPAC operates support ships (underway replenishment and scientific) for the United States Navy and other customers. The maintenance of these vessels requires frequent modification to conform to changing conditions, and MGA will provide design and engineering assistance as required.

Morris Guralnick Associates, largest naval architectural and engineering firm of its type on the Pacific Coast, was founded in San Francisco 34 years ago. Presently engaged in several longterm projects for the maritime industry, the U.S. Navy, and other commercial and government clients, the organization in addition to its headquarters office in San Francisco operates a branch office in San Diego.

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