Avondale Shipyards Appoint James Temenak

avondale shipyards
appoint james temenak

Avondale S h i p y a r d s , Inc. of New Orleans, La., announced the appointment of James M. Temenak as marketing manager for new construction activities. The appointment supports the commitment that Avondale and their parent company, Ogden Corporation, have made to remain a leader in ship construction activities. In order to more effectively participate in the workboat and barge construction market, the Avondale Westwego facility, as of January 1, 1978, will be organized as a separate division, reporting directly to A1 Bossier, the new Avondale president. This facility will be dedicated to barge and workboat vessel construction on a permanent basis.

Mr. Temenak joined Avondale after 10 years' experience in marine technical m a r k e t i n g with General Electric. His most recent position was serving the New Orleans and western Gulf Coast area selling propulsion and electrical equipment to the yards, owners/operators, and naval architects. He received his BSEE degree from Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Ind. in January 1968, and will soon conclude his MBA degree at the University of New Orleans.

Way space at the main yard and Westwego is available, and Mr. Temenak can be contacted at the following location for information on Avondale's many available designs: Avondale Shipyards, Inc., P.O. Box 50280, New Orleans, La. 70150.

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