Miles O'Harra Enters The Consulting Field

miles oharra enters
the consulting field

Miles G. O'Harra, recently retired from Bailey Meter Co., will enter the consulting field as a Marine and Industrial Steam Control Systems Consultant at 9355 Milford Lane, Mentor, Ohio 44060. Mr. O'Harra served in the United States Navy for 20 active duty years (1937-57), and in the Fleet Reserve for 10 years (1957- 67). Mr. O'Harra was placed on the retired list as warrant machinist in 1967.

During his Naval career, he served on such capital ships as the USS Lexington, USS North Carolina, USS Coral Sea, and USS Forrestal. His duties included a variety of engineering assignments involving powerplant operation, maintenance, and engineering department administration. In addition to his sea duty assignments, Mr. O'Harra served as senior instructor at the U.S. Naval School for Boilermen at the Naval Boiler and Turbine Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa.

Upon his transfer to the Fleet Reserve, Mr. O'Harra joined the Bailey Meter Company as their Naval controls specialist. In this capacity, his responsibilities included assistance and training of Bailey and Naval personnel in the commissioning of over 30 U.S. Naval combat vessels.

In 1958, Mr. O'Harra was assigned to the Atomic and Marine Marketing Group as an application engineer for marine control systems. He was involved in the development and field testing of standard marine boiler systems used in numerous Navy and merchant vessels.

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