Manfred Krutein Opens Marine Consulting Office

Manfred G. Krutein has announced the opening of an otfice as a consultant to private industry and the government in ocean mining and naval architecture. Mr. Krutein previously was with Global Marine Development Inc. as manager—ocean mining technology. Mr. Krutein began his career as a submarine officer and naval architect in Germany. Following World War II, he organized a new shipyard, the Jadewerft Wilhelmshaven, West Germany. After immigrating to Chile, he worked as a mining engineer with several firms.

In 1960, he came to the United States, where he combined his mining and marine experience, and worked in ocean mining with Utah Construction & Mining Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Ocean Mining Company, and Global Marine. He was involved in the Hughes Glomar Explorer project, directed surveys in the Pacific Ocean, and supervised the development of an experimental ocean mining system for the project. Most recently, he has been involved in several ocean energy conversion projects. Currently, he is serving as a consultant on ocean mining and offshore LNG projects.

Mr. Krutein has opened his office at 26 Mountain View, Irvine, Calif. 92715.

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