Floating Doughnut Crane Shown At Shugart Crane Conference

floating doughnut crane shown
at shugart crane conference

The introduction and demonstration of the revolutionary new Floating Doughnut Crane (shown above) was held recently as part of a dav-long floating crane symposium hosted by Shugart Manufacturing, Inc., with the cooperation of American Hoist and Derrick Company, at Shugart's facility in Chester, S.C.

"The Floating Doughnut Crane is a new concept which, in the foreseeable future, will dramatically affect the design, construction, and operation of the entire marine construction industry," said Tom Triplett, the crane's inventor and president of Shugart. "The purpose of this symposium is to give port operators, design engineers, contractors, and dealers an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate this new tool and the prospects it offers for increasing productivity in the coming years," Mr. Triplett said.

Symposium speakers included Thomas A. Fridy Jr., vice president and project director of Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc., who spoke on "Prospects for Marine Construction" ; "Prospects for Port Expansion" was presented by D. Claude Baker, general manager for operations, South Carolina Port Au- thority; "Overall Characteristics of Doughnut Cranes," by Bernard L. Jones, chief engineer for Shugart; "Flotation Characteristics of Doughnut Cranes," by Norman N.

DeJong, president of Norman N. DeJong & Associates; and "Structural Characteristics of Doughnut Cranes," by Richard Juelich, chief engineer-product development for the Marine/Energy Division of American Hoist and Derrick Company.

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