Free 12-Page Color Brochure Availale From Falk On New Shaft Speed Reducer Line

free 12page color brochure
availale from falk on new
shaft speed reducer line

Many significant improvements are claimed for a new line of gear-type speed reducers introduced by the Falk Corporation, Milwaukee, Wise. Essentially the new line, carrying a new "A" Unit designation, combines significantly higher performance with reduced space requirements. In making the announcement, a Falk spokesman stressed that the new design is an improvement on a good thing, noting that Falk has been a leading U.S. producer of parallel shaft reducers for more than 25 years.

A full-color 12-page brochure on Falk "A" Unit parallel shaft speed reducers is offered free by the company. The attractive publication uses photos, drawings, diagrams, etc., as well as text to describe and point up the advantages of the new line.

Primary among the new improvements is the use of computer-aided design and finite element analysis as a means of putting more strength into a more compact speed reducer package. Similarly, advanced case carburizing techniques produce gears that are both stronger and longer wearing. A spokesman noted that even the bearings of "A" Unit reducers are state-of-the-art, providing added load-carrying capability. Effective thermal design, primarily through efficient use of fans and cooling tubes, are said to be carried forward from previous designs as an important contributor to reliable performance. Along with the "A" Unit's state-of-the-art design, Falk has employed leading-edge manufacturing techniques designed to improve reliability and performance. Housings are 100 percent robot welded, and modern two-stage ovens add precision and control to the heat treating and hardening of gears to highest practical Rockwell hardness. Another advanced technique is "gear tooth lead and pinion profile modification"—an engineer's way of saying that tooth contact under load is optimized for lower stresses and longer life.

Not new but very important to the unit are the Magnum Seals that are standard and said to eliminate oil leaks and to prevent dirt and grit from entering the bearing chamber.

"A" Unit reducers are available for singlespeed reductions from 1.8 to 1, and more than 400 to 1 with multiple reductions. Torque ratings range from 130,000 inch-pounds to more than 2 million inch-pounds. Related equipment such as soleplates, bedplates, cooling systems and backstops are also available.

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