Shaver Re-Engines Tug Columbia With Stork-Werkspoor Diesels

shaver reengines tug columbia
with storkwerkspoor diesels

Shaver Transportation Company of Portland, Ore., kept the 149.5 gtd tug Columbia in the Stork-Werkspoor family when it repowered the vessel to keep pace with the ever larger ships at the Port of Portland. The firm replaced two RHO 218K SWDiesel engines, each developing 700 hp at 720 rpm, with two 1983- model 6FHD 240 six-cylinder Stork- Werkspoor engines. These engines deliver a total of 2,540 hp at 900 rpm in the 96-foot vessel.

The engines were sold by SWDiesel Gulf, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of the Dutch diesel company through the West Coast office recently established by Charles Garman in Seattle, Wash.

Mike Boschero, Shaver port engineer, estimated that the Columbia's original Stork engines—one of the few installations of the Dutch diesel on the Columbia/Snake River system for the last 15 years—had operated for some 75,000 to 80,000 hours.

For more information about installing Stork-Werkspoor engines in new vessels or using the engines for repowering with fuel efficient plants,

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