'Silver Anniversary' For Atlas Freshwater Generator And Knutsen Vessel

The Arnessen Corporation of New Jersey, U.S. representatives of Atlas-Danmark Marine & Offshore, a Division of Atlas-Danmark A/S, reports that they believe Atlas-Danmark has an operating record for one of their freshwater generators. In 1959, an Atlas-Danmark freshwater generator (serial No. 281) was installed onboard newbuilding No. 746 of Gotaverken, Sweden. The vessel, the Martha Bakke, was delivered to the Norwegian shipowner Knut Knutsen of Haugesund. The Martha Bakke was later converted into a "floating warehouse," renamed Knut Supporter, and is at present working in the Southeast Asian oil fields.

The "marriage" turned out to be a happy and very smooth one. The last call for an Atlas-Danmark service engineer was actually during installation in 1959, and the costs of service have been negligible during these 25 years. According to K. Leite, chief engineer of the Knut Supporter, the vintage Atlas- Danmark freshwater generator is in first-class condition and still produces the nominal 21 tons of fresh water per 24 hours.

In 1955, Atlas-Danmark developed the first freshwater generator utilizing waste heat from the ship's engines to convert seawater into high quality fresh water. More than 17,000 units have been installed worldwide, and the current program comprises a number of models for marine and offshore installation with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 1,000 metric tons per 24 hours. For more information on the Atlas- Danmark freshwater generators marketed in the U.S. by Arnessen Corporation,

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