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$15 Million Subcontract

To Tracor For Navy

Surface Ship Programs

Tracor Applied Sciences, Austin,

Texas, a subsidiary of Tracor, has been awarded a subcontract by

Vredenburg of Reston, Va., to pro- vide engineering and technical ser- vices to the Naval Sea Systems

Command (NAVSEA 63Y1) in the areas of antisubmarine warfare (ASW) systems and programs. Tra- cor's share of this five-year contract is approximately $15 million.

K. Bruce Hamilton, Tracor

Applied Sciences Group vice presi- dent, announced that the company will provide engineering services to support the design, installation, test and evaluation, and life-cycle main- tenance of surface ship in-service

ASW systems. Tracor has been pro- viding similar support to NAVSEA 63Y1 since 1978.

PacOrd To Install

New Threat Upgrade

On Two Navy Cruisers

PacOrd, a member of the Phila- delphia-based SPD Technologies family of companies, has been se- lected to install the New Threat

Upgrade (NTU) on two CG-26 class cruisers.

NTU is designed to upgrade the

Anti-Warfare capabilities of the

U.S. Navy's older cruisers and guid- ed missile destroyers. It entails ex- tensive modernization of the Terrier

Missile system and replacement of the majority of the ship's search radar systems and Naval Technical

Data computer installations.

PacOrd has extensive experience with NTU, starting with the 1987 overhaul of the USS Mahan (DDG- 42), the Navy's prototype for NTU.

PacOrd's newest NTU jobs will be on board USS William H. Stand- ley (CG-32) at Northwest Marine

Iron Works in Portland, Ore., and

USS Wainwright (CG-28) at Metro

Machine in Norfolk, Va.

For nearly 40 years PacOrd has been an important full-service com- bat systems contractor supporting the U.S. Navy through private ship- yards, DoD contracting agencies and OEMs.

For literature describing Pac-

Ord's available services and applica- tions,

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D. W. Pryor Appointed At

Diversified Technologies

Naval architecture and marine engineering firm Diversified Tech- nologies has recently appointed

David W. Pryor as senior engi- neer responsible for commercial ship and U.S. Navy non-combatant ship support programs. Mr. Pryor has 11 years' experience in marine design and analysis and was Chief

Engineer with Colonna's Shipyard before joining Diversified Technolo- gies.

July, 1990

Morgan Crane Receives

Order For Knucklebooms

For Three Corvettes

Since its recent product line ex- pansion and move to new facilities,

Morgan Crane Company, Inc., San- ta Ana, Calif., has received several government and commercial or- ders.

Among the orders received by

Morgan Crane, which now offers articulating cranes from 1- to 75-ton capacities, are installations aboard

SWATH oceanographic research vessels T-AGOS-2C), -21 and -22, and AGOR-23, the NOAA ships

Delaware 2 and Oregon 2, and sev- eral commercial merchant vessels.

A recent order includes three 60- ton knuckleboom cranes with 14,000-pound constant tension win- ches installed. This equipment will be state of the art, from the high speed constant tension winches to the special digital remote control system. These large knuckleboom cranes will be installed on the

SA'AR 5 Class corvettes being built by Ingalls Shipbuilding, Inc., Pasca- goula, Miss., for Israel.

For free literature detailing the full range of cranes offered by Mor- gan Crane Co.,

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SOUNDFOIL is a high efficiency constrained layer vibration damping composite designed to reduce the resonant vibrations of thin sheet metals and machine components. It is available with five basic types of viscoelastic polymers, each having maximum damping over a specific temperature range from as low as - 40°C (- 40°F) to as high as 260°C (+ 500°F). It bonds tenaciously to a variety of substrates and maintains its damping properties over an extended period of time.

SOUNDFOIL from Soundcoat. The most effective way to make vibration and noise float away.

The noise stops here.


One Burt Drive, Deer Park. NY 11729 • 516-242-2200 Ext. 56 • FAX: 516-242-2246 3002 Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704 • 714-979-9202 • FAX: 714-979-0834

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USCG Barque Eagle

Propeller shafts supplied by


Propellers—Michigan, Bird-Johnson,

Federal, Hundested CP

Shafts—Stainless, bronze, steel

Prop Reconditioning—to 120" diameter;

Fast service, to factory-approved specs.

Shaft Repair—straightening, sleeving cladding, A.B.S. # certified welding

Zinc Anodes—stock and custom molds,

Navy spec, alloy.

Custom Machining—turning, milling, weldment fabrication. 800-962-0022 (within Conn.) 50 West Avenue

FAX 203-767-0226 800-243-4748 (East Coast)

Essex, Conn.



Paxman Diesels Ltd , JCH^THL extend their best HV gjjjjj|piS wishes to the U.S. a


Coastguard ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Fleet of 37 llOft. Island Class cutters are powered by the Paxman

Valenta diesel engine some within excess of 8,000 operational hours. Now with some 74 Paxman engines in service in these vessels, the U.S. Coastguard Service looks forward to another century. Paxman are proud of their association with the U.S. Coastguard Service. /> PAXMAN DIESELS LIMITED

Paxman Diesels Ltd., PO Box 8, Paxman Works,

Colchester, Essex, CO I 2HW, England.

Telephone: Oil 44 206 575ISI Fax: Oil 206 577869 Telex: 98I5I

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